Why Have a CLT in Our Community


It’s undeniable that Hamilton is undergoing a transformation from an one-time industrial powerhouse that fell on hard times, to a dynamic and diverse post-industrial economy. Like other cities that have seen radical change and urban renewal in a short period, ours now faces as many challenges as it does opportunities: like responsibly dealing with the remnants of our industrial past, and ensuring that all residents are included in the vision for our city’s future.

Hamiltonians know that unless we act proactively, we will be forced to watch from the sidelines during our city’s renewal as speculators and outside developers make important decisions about our neighbourhoods.

This is why now is the right time for a Community Land Trust in Hamilton.

The HCLT is a community-run, non-profit organization that will hold property in the name of all residents, and prioritizes their uses for parcels of land that will become increasingly scarce as Hamilton continues its ongoing renaissance.

For example, this could mean dedicating more space to parks, green areas, and gardens to serve an increasing population. It could also mean finding space for affordable housing so that low-income residents aren’t forced out of their neighbourhoods by rising prices, and ensuring that speculators don’t let brownfields and disused buildings languish, blighting our neighbourhoods and harming surrounding property values.

A Land Trust pools our social and economic resources to acquire land to lease back to Hamilton’s many communities so that they can pursue economically and ecologically sustainable  uses that will increase quality of life for everyone who works, lives and plays in Hamilton.

The HCLT is a non-profit corporation that owns land in the name of citizens and leases it back to social-purpose organizations and individuals in order to help meet needs that are prioritized by the community.



Donations are accepted through our charitable partner the Social Planning and Research Centre (SPRC).

Enter HCLT or Hamilton Community Land Trust under “Indicate Program Allocation” on the confirmation page.